Ice Cream or Cake? 
Issue 38 — July 16, 2017
Nintendo Switch

Hey, here's issue #38 of Switch Weekly — your weekly roundup on all things Switch.

Have you been playing the Splatfest this weekend? I didn't get a chance to, but it seems like Ice Cream and Rock music are popular with Splatoon players.

Anyway, a quick round-up of links this week, with plenty of reviews of new eShop titles. Dig in!

Thanks for reading,
Chris Brandrick

NEWSSplatoon 2 Splatfest results: Ice Cream took the Cake
Jack Fennimore // Heavy
ROUND-UPCelebrate Splatoon 2's first Splatfest with this phenomenal fan art
Jonathan Holmes // Destructoid
NEWSKingdom Hearts 3 Director: Switch version 'maybe' possible
Andrew Goldfarb and Terri Schwartz // IGN
REVIEWDe Mambo - "a cut price Smash Bros with balls"
Gamecentral // Metro
VIDEOMore Wii U ports heading to Switch! Is this a good thing?
Digital Foundry // YouTube
NEWSWWE 2K18 for Switch marks series' return to Nintendo after five years
Tom Phillps // Eurogamer
ACCESORIES$40 8Bitdo Controller — A Switch Pro Controller alternative?
Alex Olney // Nintendo Life
OPINIONThis is the year I switch from Pro Evo to FIFA
Mike Diver // Waypoint
VIDEOReveal trailer - Shakedown: Hawaii for Nintendo Switch
Nintendo // YouTube
SOCIALJackbox Party Pack 1 and 2 heading to Switch
Jackbox Games // Twitter
REVIEWVaccine - "Not as infectious as one may hope"
Matt Forde // Nintendo Life
REVIEWDeath Squared - "mixes challenge with humour"
Charlie Large // Switch Player
ACCESORIESHDE Elite Switch Travel Bag
Anthony Talcott // Nintendo Switch Network
OPINIONCan FIFA 18 fix Nintendo's troubled relationship with football games?
Matt Suckley // Gamesradar
REVIEWDangers of the Wild: Zelda’s new Master Mode is delightfully sinister
James Burns // Super Jump
VIDEOSuper Mario Odeyssey: The power of the hat is unstoppable
MEGA64 // YouTube
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