So, just when is that Nintendo Direct taking place?
Issue 62 — January 7, 2018
Nintendo Switch - Stardew Valley (Image via Scott Akerman)

Image via Scott Akerman

Hi, here's issue #62 of Switch Weekly, with your first Nintendo Switch news round-up of 2018.

Hope you had a great holiday break, with plenty of gaming (I was mainly hunting down eggs with friends in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run). Anyway, I just want to start things off by wishing you a Happy New Year — all the best for 2018!

So, a Nintendo Direct - everyone seems to be talking about one being just around the corner, with many suggesting it may happen on January 11th. It sure would be nice to start the year off by knowing what we have to look forward to in the coming months.

The other thing that got Nintendo fans talking this week was a video showing a 'leaked' software update. It's fake, but put forward some interesting food for thought - you can find the link in the issue below.

Anyway, enjoy the issue and thanks for reading.
Chris Brandrick

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Nintendo better announce a Nintendo Direct before fans explode
January 11th seems to be the date people are pinning their hopes on for a new Nintendo Direct presentation, hopefully bringing news of what to expect throughout 2018.
Allegra Frank // Polygon
VIDEO17 upcoming Nintendo Switch games in 2018
I'm not sure all of these will make 2018 (I'm looking at you Pokemon), but here's a reminder for what we know is coming.
Switch's rampant success is proof that you should never write off Nintendo
Makes the case that the "Wii U was a necessary step towards a superior console".
Dom Reseigh-Lincoln // Nintendo Life
Nintendo’s Switch brings some magic back
A look back at Nintendo's "startling turnaround year".
Simon Parkin // The New York Times
VIDEONintendo Switch 5.0 update leak is fake
A video showing a new user interface/features of the Switch's operating system has generated plenty of buzz over the past few days. But don't get too excited — it's phony.
Christopher Groux // Player One
Miiverse archive recovers 17TB of social mirth after Nintendo’s shutdown
Nintendo's quirky community never made it to the Switch, so archivists set about preserving all of it's content from over the years — now future generations can also ponder as to why 'Metroid can't crawl'.
Kyle Orland // Ars Technica
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