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Issue 66 — February 4, 2018

Yo, here's issue #66 of Switch Weekly, with your round-up of the week in Nintendo.

Nintendo announced their third quarter earnings this past week, revealing that the Switch is selling really really well - like outpacing the Wii in some regions. The financial briefing also revealed that Mario movie is now in the works (with the studio behind Minions), and that Nintendo are cooking up a Mario Kart game for mobile devices.

All interesting stuff, but now on to this week's Switch news...
Thanks, Chris.

VIDEOSwitch Online delayed until late 2018 - Just give me voice chat
Nintendo delayed the Switch's paid online service again, now launching in September - here's my thoughts on this (I just want them to nail the basics really).
Switch Weekly // YouTube
The Nintendo Switch has already outsold the Wii U
The Switch stands at around 15 Million units sold in less than a year — something the Wii U never achieved in its 4+ years.
Sam Byford // The Verge
VIDEONintendo Labo hands-on
Engadget's initial thoughts from a recent hands-on with various Labo kits at a Nintendo hosted event in New York.
Devindra Hardawar // YouTube
VIDEODragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch Preview
This is landing on the Switch on Friday (February 9th) - here's an extended first look.
GameXplain // YouTube
Atari has reached the minimum funding goal for RollerCoaster Tycoon Switch
The way in which Atari has approached this is all just abit...odd.
Mitch Vogel // Nintendo Life
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VIDEOFirst Play: Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
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VIDEOTypoman: Announcement Trailer
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Switch fighter 'Morphies Law' delayed
Claws of Furry coming to Switch this spring
Jonathan Stanley // N-Europe
REVIEWNight in the Woods
Dom Reseigh-Lincoln // Nintendo Life
Jordan Humphries // Switch Watch
Super Mario Odyssey has sold over 9 million copies
Geoffrey Tim // Critical Hit
Celeste sold best on Switch according to its creator
Chris Carter // Destructoid
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