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Issue 71 — March 11, 2018
Splatoon characters are coming to Smash Bros.

Hey, issue #71 of Switch Weekly here, with a round-up of this week's Nintendo news.

Oh look a Nintendo Direct happened.....plenty of announcements (more than people expected I reckon), the biggest of which was the Smash Bros. reveal. I've linked up the presentation below if you missed it — it's worth checking out. All the big news is linked below if you can't watch.

I've plenty to say about the announcements made, and what they all mean, but I'm pressed for time this week, so that will have to wait for another day....maybe a video at some point?

Anywho, thanks for reading and enjoy the issue..
Cheers, Chris.

VIDEOICYMI: Nintendo Direct from the 8th of March
A half-hour presentation of games on the horizon. Switch stuff starts about 6 mins in.
Nintendo  // YouTube
Nintendo is bringing 'Super Smash Bros.' to the Switch this year
A big surprise for many, especially as its slated to arrive in 2018. The big question for many is whether it's a port or not.
Richard Lawler // Engadget
With the Switch, technology has finally caught up to Nintendo
The author argues that the smart hybrid design of the Switch makes it Nintendo’s first system "in decades that can claim legitimate technical superiority". Oh and technical points aside, just go and pick up your Wii U today and think about how cheap it feels in the hand. Compared to Switch, it's crazy to think the two devices came from the same company.
Sam Byford // The Verge
Upcoming Releases 
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Mario Tennis Aces arrives this June
Dom Reseigh-Lincoln // Nintendo Life
Crash Bandicoot trilogy coming to Nintendo Switch
Michael McWhertor // Polygon
Octopath Traveler's release date confirmed in Nintendo Direct, coming in July
Eddie Makuch // Gamespot
Gorgeous remaster Okami HD will arrive on the eShop for Switch this summer 
Stephany Nunneley // VG247
The deliciously dark Little Nightmares is coming to Nintendo Switch
Robert Purchese // Eurogamer
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is coming to Nintendo Switch
Matthew Byrd // Den Of Geek
VIDEOAfter a year, Nintendo Switch accessories are starting to get interesting
Chaim Gartenberg // Circuit Breaker
VIDEOScribblenauts Showdown is disappointing 
Peter Brown and Robert Handlery // Gamespot
REVIEWFlinthook - "a really well crafted, charming and fun experience"
Jon Cousins // Nintendo Life
REVIEWNorth - This adventure game "begs to be played slowly"
David Keremes // Nintendo World Report
7 Nintendo Switch games you probably missed and need to play 
The Nintendo Switch made me swear off physical games 
Chaim Gartenberg // The Verge
31 days on the road with the Switch, Nintendo's ultimate travel console 
Robert Rath // Waypoint
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