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Issue 76 — April 15, 2018
Football Manager

Hey, here's issue #76 of Switch Weekly, with all the Switch news worth seeing.

I picked up Snake Pass whilst it was on sale so I've put a few hours into that this week. For what looks like an unassuming, cutesy puzzle-platformer, it gets pretty challenging pretty fast. I have a new found appreciation for the effort involved when sidewinding.

Anyway not much else for me to say this week, other than congrats to Nintendo on those BAFTA wins. As ever enjoy the issue,
Cheers, Chris.

Surprise — Football Manager out now for Nintendo Switch
Despite being hinted as coming to the Switch, I'm always a little bit suspicious when a game gets released with out much of a heads up, or previews. Early impressions seem fine, but I'll be sure to link up some reviews next week. 
Wesley Yin-Poole // Eurogamer
PREVIEWDonkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Switch gameplay footage 
This Wii U game is getting another shot on the Switch. It launches next month, but here's an early look. I've yet to play it, but I've heard it offers up quite the platforming challenge.
Chris Scullion // Tired Old Hack
Classic Sega Genesis, Master System games coming to Nintendo Switch 
With no Virtual Console to speak of more and more publishers are taking their own approach to making available retro titles - this is fine with me.
Michael McWhertor // Polygon
Nintendo teams up with VC fund to find new tech for Switch 
San Francisco-based Scrum Ventures is working with Nintendo to scout out startups working on new ways to play or use the the Switch. Not sure what will come of this, but interesting to see Nintendo reaching out like this.
Selina Wang and Yuji Nakamura // Bloomberg
An interview with a Switch hacker 
This isn't something I know a great deal about...but here's a quote: "The Switch has been completely compromised."
The new bloom of Q-Games 
A chat with Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games (and the original Star Fox team) on the upcoming launch of PixelJunk Monsters 2.
Martin Robinson // Eurogamer
Upcoming Releases 
All dates are EU unless otherwise stated
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 launch July 24th
Kellen Haney // Capcom
Yo-kai Watch 4 announced for Nintendo Switch, releases 2018 in Japan 
Federal Trade Commission: Warranty-voiding language like Nintendo’s is illegal
Timothy B. Lee // Ars Technica
Xbox Live achievements coming to the Switch with Minecraft update
Matt Brown // Windows Central
Could an app be coming to the Switch? 
PREVIEWPool Panic: "bursting with personality"
Alex Culafi // Nintendo World Report
Stardew Valley is the perfect hangover game
Gita Jackson // Kotaku
Here's what pro players want from Super Smash Bros on Switch
Alan Lopez // Nintendo Life 
Arms and the hidden power of story in competitive games 
Shonté Daniels // Paste
REVIEWGal*Gun 2 - "A perverted shooter which struggles to find the fun"
Ric Cowley // Pocket Gamer
Jordan Humphries // Switch Watch
VIDEOThe anxiety of Celeste and its music
Game Score Fanfare // YouTube 
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