Issue 79 — May 6, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Hi, here's issue #79 of Switch Weekly with all the Switch links that are worth your time.

I've been at a friends wedding this weekend, so haven't had much chance to play my Switch lately. I'm looking forward to picking it up and maybe dipping into Donkey Kong - reviews seem good, and I never got round to playing it on the Wii U. Let me know if you're gonna grab it!

Anyway, thanks for reading, enjoy the issue and catch you next week,
Cheers, Chris.

REVIEWDonkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – A solid port of a classic
"may be a simple port, but if you didn’t own a Wii U this title is a must-buy."
Alex Donaldson // VG247
A look at Nintendo's E3 plans for 2018...
Get ready for lots of Smash.
Bullet hell shooter 'Ikaruga' comes to Switch later this month
This game kicked my ass when I played it on the GameCube...
Swapna Krishna // Engadget
VIDEOHere are 10 new Switch games coming to Nintendo Switch In May
A look at some of this month's highlights.
Alex Olney // Nintendo Life
REVIEWSaturday Morning RPG
"If you weren’t a fan of Ready Player One’s near constant references, Saturday Morning RPG will be a tough sell."
Mitchell F Wolfe // Superjump
Upcoming Releases  All dates are EU unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, 8th May: Thursday, 10th May:
  • Immortal Redneck — A 3D FPS set in Egypt where you take on a load of mummies.
  • Super Chariot — This looks nice. A 2D platformer with similar visuals to Rayman Legends. Also has co-op.
  • Arcade Archives Terra Cresta — A 1985 top down shooter.
  • ACA Neo Geo Super Sidekicks 2 — A 1994 soccer game just in time for the World Cup. 
  • The Fall — This dark adventure is said to have great narrative. 
  • Garage — 80s B-movie meets top-down shooter.
  • Three Fourths Home — A stark visual short story.
  • Suicide Guy — A puzzle/adventure game set in the dreams of the protagonist. FYI: Despite its name, this has nothing to do with suicide or depression.
Friday, 11th May: 
Lumines Remastered pushed back to June
Enhance // Twitter
Accessory maker Nyko facing lawsuit after their docks 'bricked' the Switch
Matthew Humphries // PC Mag
Incoming Nintendo President says his highest priority is the Switch
Stefanie Fogel // Variety
The Nintendo Labo piano is a surprisingly useful little synthesizer
Garrett Martin // Paste
How Nintendo designed Switch and Splatoon
Namika Hamasaki // Haiiro
This Uber driver has installed a Switch in the back of his cab
sagedro09 // Reddit
Steam now supports the Switch Pro Controller
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