Chwarae Gemau
Issue 95 — September 2, 2018
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Hey, issue 95 of Switch Weekly here, with the Nintendo stuff you need to know this week.

Not much from me today. I've been away for a few days for a break in North Wales, revisiting where I grew up. So, as you can imagine not a great deal of time to play much. The good news: September is here, which means things should start to pick up again after the usual summer dip in both big news and big releases. All your usual news and upcoming releases are listed below.

Have a great week,
Cheers, Chris.

REVIEWMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
"the sheer volume of content on offer here is staggering [...] what Generations Ultimate lacks in polish and pizazz it makes up for with unbridled depth and longevity."
James Mitchell // Press Start
Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Summer 2018
Following on from Nintendo UKs recent indie showcase comes another, this time from Nintendo of America. Catch up here if you missed it.
Nintendo // YouTube
13 Nintendo Switch games you should look out for in September
A look at some of the more notable releases this month.
Nintendo Life
New Switch game isn't Super Monkey Ball, but might just scratch that itch
As a potential 'spiritual successor' to games like Marble Blast, Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball this is on my watch list.
Jeremy Winslow // GameSpot
 Upcoming Releases  All dates are EU unless otherwise stated.

Monday, 3rd SeptemberAugust: Tuesday, 4th September: Thursday, 6th September:  Friday, 7th September: 
Travis Strikes Again now a January 2019 release
Nintendo UK // Twitter
ACCESSORIESSwitch Pro Controller Smash Bros. Ultimate edition revealed
Nintendo UK // YouTube
How Fortnite Won: The perfect storm that made the biggest game of 2018
Polygon // YouTube
REVIEWThe Messenger: "The Switch's best indie yet"
Rich Meister // Destructoid
REVIEWFreedom Planet
Daryl Baxter // Miketendo64
The game where you play as a jerk goose launches on Switch next year
Kevin Knezevic // GameSpot
Gato Roboto: A CatMechtroidvania game coming to Switch in 2019
DevolverDigital // YouTube
Super Mario Party's use of two Switch screens is a technological marvel
Emma Kent // Eurogamer
The bloodthirsty history of Monster Hunter, from PlayStation to Switch
Sayem Ahmed // Nintendo Life
Why Nintendo games almost never go on sale
Polygon // YouTube
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