Merry Switchmas one and all...
Issue 111 — December 23, 2018
Nintendo at Christmas

Hi, issue 111 of Switch Weekly here, rounding out the year with your final digest of 2018.

This week's issue has all the usual news and upcoming releases, in addition to some recommendations on games to play with family and friends over the holidays, reflections on where the Switch is now, plus some predictions for what 2019 holds.

I'll be taking a break next week, so will be back in the New Year — look out for the first issue of 2019 in your inbox on January 6th. I hope you've found the newsletter useful this year, and I just wanted to say a thank you for reading. If you know someone who is getting a Switch for Christmas, please do tell them about Switch Weekly — I rely on word of mouth, so really appreciate any sharing you can do.

Until next year,

Nintendo Switch family games: Great to play with your kids this Christmas
A great collection of party games here, good for the festive break. I really wanna give Super Mario Party a try.
Glen Fox // Nintendo Life
PREVIEWNew Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
This mouth-full of a Wii U port is out early in the new year. Here's a preview before it lands.
Tired Old Hack // YouTube
Dragon Quest 11 coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019
Dragon Quest 11 S is coming to Japan next year, with Square Enix set to reveal more details next month.
Michael McWhertor // Polygon
The state of the Nintendo Switch in 2018
After a great 2017, just how "do you follow up a year in which new Zelda and Mario games were not only met with critical acclaim, but were widely considered to have radically reinvented their series for the better?"
Chris Kohler and Cecilia D'Anastasio // Kotaku
Some of the best Nintendo Switch games are on sale before Christmas
Loads of great games are on sale right now on the eShop, so it's worth taking a look if you want to grab a festive bargain. Here are a few highlights. My pick: Thumper.
Kevin Lee // TechRadar
How to set up and use your NES Controller with Nintendo Switch
These official controllers are cool and all, but also a bit weird/overpriced.
Lory Gil // iMore
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'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' sold 5 Million copies in three days
Liana Ruppert // WWG
Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling US console: Here’s why
Eric Abent // Slashgear
Nintendo is going to court over its refund policy
Mariella Moon // Engadget
REVIEWFirewatch: "an affective and engaging story"
Jordan Rudek // Nintendo World Report
REVIEWACCESSORIESGenki Bluetooth Adapter
Chucklefish prepares for battle with a new WarGroove gameplay trailer
Liam Doolan // Nintendo Life
New "very hard" levels are coming to Celeste in early 2019
Vikki Blake // Eurogamer
Gunman Clive HD Collection will be released on Switch on January 17
Bertil Hörberg on Twitter
‘Tiny Metal’ multiplayer and new act comes to Nintendo Switch
Brian Crecente // Variety
REVIEWAtari Flashback Classics: Crams 150 games into one 356MB package
Chris Scullion // Nintendo Life
Will 2019 be the best year for Nintendo Switch? Here's why it can be
Siiroth // YouTube
Let's predict Nintendo's 2019
Arlo // YouTube
The joy of Katamari Damacy
Malindy Hetfeld // Eurogamer
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