Issue 121 — March 10, 2019
State of Switch Survey 2019

Hi, here's issue 121 of Switch Weekly, with your MAR10 day roundup of Switch news.

The State of Switch survey closed last week, and I've been busy going through all the data. It's taken me quite some time as the response was amazing — nearly 17,000 of you filled it out. I've done a huge write up of all the results which you can check out here. Generally, my take away from the survey is that people seem really happy with the Switch, and it's in a good place after two years on the market. From the data gathered, folks seem to be sinking countless hours into a wide range of games. This machine ain't no one trick pony.

As I've been so busy delving through all the survey data I haven't had much game time this week, and I didn't get much of a chance to take part in that Tetris 99 competition — more of that please Nintendo. Oh, and Nintendo announced a new VR product (it's LABO related), links on that and more in the issue below.

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The State of Switch 2019
All the results from this year's State of Switch survey.
Chris Brandrick // Switch Weekly
Nintendo’s first VR product in 24 years is coming to Nintendo Switch
Another surprise LABO announcement, and this time it's VR. This is a very typical Nintendo 'low-tech' approach, and I kinda love it.
Sam Machkovech // Arc Technica
Kid Icarus and StarTropics headed to Nintendo Switch Online
These are the next two games heading to the NES library. I've not played either, but I'm curious to check them both out.
Tom Philips // Eurogamer
Nintendo celebrates Mario Day 2019 with a new Switch deal
Certain games are on offer right now, because Mario.
Emily Heller // Polygon
Xbox Game Pass won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch “anytime soon”
A well-respected writer in the Microsoft space says that it's "definitely not happening in the near term". That's not a no, but don't hold your breath.
Francesco De Meo // WCCF Tech
From videogame to day job: How SimCity inspired a generation of city planners
This isn't Switch related, but it's interesting nontheless, looking at how games like SimCity can be a good introduction to a real world job. SimCity and Nintendo do have a long history though — if you're not clued up on it, this is a great read.
Jessica Roy // Los Angeles Times
My two years with Nintendo Switch
A PC gamer reflects on how Nintendo's machine brought him "back to consoles".
Eric Abent // Slashgear
 Upcoming Releases 
All dates are EU & US unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, 12th March:
  • Claybook — Shape and mould the environment in this clay platformer.
  • BombFall — Fast-paced arcade game in which you play as a falling bomb.
  • Little Shopping — A simple counting game for toddlers.
Wednesday, 13th March:
  • Baba Is You — Change the rules on the fly in this puzzle game.
Thursday, 14th March: Friday, 15th March:
Capcom’s Resident Evil Switch pricing is nothing new
Gavin Lane // Nintendo Life
Devil May Cry 5 on Switch is potentially on the table
Chris Hinton // Nintendo Enthusiast
REVIEWR.B.I. Baseball 19: A shallow and frustrating strike out
Derek Stauffer // Screenrant
REVIEW12 Is Better Than 6: "has a wonderful art style"
Jamie Ward // Nintendo Insider
How Nintendo's embrace of indie games is helping the Switch win big
Patrick Lucas Austin // Time
The young men who turn to ‘Fortnite’ for mental health support
Jordan Ryan Pedersen // MEL Magazine
 Quick Links:
🦖 Remastered dinosaur hunter Turok is coming to the Switch.
⌨️ Hackers may soon have Windows 10 running on the Switch. Solitaire anyone?
🏏 A new Ashes Cricket game is landing on the Switch in May.
 Don't waste your cash on these cheap Joy-Con.
🛠 This DIY 65-inch Switch TV is pretty cool.
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