Switch Weekly

Issue #209

· November 29, 2020

#209: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending November 29.


Switch Weekly

Issue 209 — November 29, 2020

Home button on the Nintendo Switch gaming console — Photo by Daniel Hooper on Unsplash

Hey, here's issue #209 of Switch Weekly, your Nintendo update. Hope you're doing well, and for those of you who celebrate, I hope you all had a lovely, safe Thanksgiving.

Not much commentary from me this week. However, I will note that the Switch Games Club for December will be kicking off in a few days and we'll be playing through the SNES classic 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past' — all this Age of Calamity chatter has me hankering for some classic Zelda. Details on how to join us here.

Just under 30 games out next week, including that Ubisoft game previously known as Gods & Monsters (here's a look at it running on Switch), crime strategy game Empire of Sin, that localized original Fire Emblem game, and a title called 'Absolute Drift' — you can make your own Joy-Con joke.

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BIT.TRIP games coming to Nintendo Switch on December 25 — All six original games will be releasing on Christmas Day, priced at $4.99 each. Oh, and if you purchase one game in the series, the rest will be available for a steep 60% discount.

Daan Koopman // Source Gaming

REVIEW Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues — Described as a "shockingly competent beat 'em up" that's a "mostly faithful, entierly preposterous Cobra Kai adaptation". Although it's not without some technical hiccups.

John Friscia // Nintendo Enthusiast

REVIEW Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead 

Rachel Hayes // Switch Weekly

Video games can improve mental health. Let's stop seeing them as a guilty pleasure — Yup, many still regards videogames as a waste of time. But (as we all know) the real story is very different.

Keza MacDonald // The Guardian

One woman’s quest to make Animal Crossing better for Black players— This article is from a few months ago, but the good news is: Nintendo listened, and now Black players are better represented in AC:NH.

Bex April May // Digital Trends

Why is Metroid Prime 4 important to Nintendo?

James Bowden // Shinesparkers

Five reasons why a Villains mode makes too much sense for Age of Calamity — Comes with a spoiler warning this one.

Jack Longman // Miketendo 64


🎮 Upcoming Releases

All releases are digital EU & US unless otherwise stated. 
Release data sourced in collaboration with Switch Scores.
⭐️ = Ones to Watch | 📦 = Physical release | 🎮 = Demo available

Monday, November 30

  • Hed the Pig — Pixel art retro style arcade adventure. (No U.S release dated)

Tuesday, December 1

  • Empire of Sin — 1920s crime strategy game set in Prohibition-era Chicago.

Wednesday, December 2

Thursday, December 3

Friday, December 4

Sunday, December 6


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