Switch Weekly

Issue #193

· August 9, 2020

#193: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending August 9.

Fancy Hocotatians.

Switch Weekly

Issue 193 — August 9, 2020

Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Hi, issue #193 of your weekly Switch round-up here.

Pikmin! Dropped outta nowhere (yes, it's been rumoured forever) - but I kinda dig Nintendo just revealing stuff on Twitter directly. Pleased that more folks will get a chance to play an enhanced version of this gem as it kinda tanked first time round (Wii U says hi).

Also this week, Nintendo released some updated financial results and with everyone at home under lockdown one thing is clear — we've all been gaming more. Highlight stat for me: One in every three of the 60 million+ Switch owners have Animal Crossing. Insanse attach rate.

Another quiet week in terms of notable releases, but we've got just over 20 games hitting the eShop over the next seven days — the full list is below. 

Thanks for reading,
Chris ✌️

▶ Pikmin 3 Deluxe – Announcement trailer— Another Wii U port hitting the Switch in October - this time with a few nice extras. I played this first time around and it was great. I'd love to see the first two go up on the eShop too before October. If you really want to go deep on this, Arlo has an hour-long chat on the upcoming release.

Nintendo // YouTube

Video gaming growth soars thanks to pandemic

Sara Fischer, Kyle Daly // Axios

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⚡️ Quick Links:

🇯🇵  Wow, Animal Crossing is now the third second best selling game of all time in Japan.

3️⃣  Sword And Shield are now the best-selling Pokémon games since Gold And Silver.

🤏  A new small Battlefield stage is now in Smash

🤦‍♂️  Pikmin 3 being delisted on the Wii U ain't cool.

☁️  Here's how to back up your island data in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

✨ The Alto Collection announced for Switch, features both Adventure and Odyssey.

👍  Lots of good changes in version 2.0 update of Ninjala.

👊  After 30 years, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono is leaving Capcom.

💚  Xbox head Phil Spencer is heading on to Gary Whitta's Animal Crossing talk show.

😬  Here's another game that the Switch isn't powerful enough to run.


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