Switch Weekly

Issue #260

· December 5, 2021

#260: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending December 5.

Big Brain Energy.

Switch Weekly

Issue 260 — December 5, 2021

Big Brain Academy for Nintendo Switch

Hi, here's issue #260 of Switch Weekly with the Nintendo things you need to know. I hope you've had a good week. 

Next week sees just under 15 games released. The full list is below as ever, along with links to find out more — releases include a revamped Sam & Max game, Monster Rancher 1 and 2, and a deckbuilding RPG called Loop Hero. Take a look.

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REVIEW Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain — This lighthearted bit of end-year brain wrinkling is said to have enjoyable local multiplayer and smart passive online modes, making for an overall fun "if fleeting" game. Here's another review from Ryan Janes at Nintendo Insider, who calls it "an enjoyable – if familiar – assortment of challenging games" but adds that "you’ll see everything it has to offer within a day or two".

Neal Ronaghan // Nintendo World Report

Paper Mario joins Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack next week —Pleased to see this N64 gem coming to the service, and so soon too. My first Paper Mario game was the GameCube entry, so I'll be playing this Nintendo 64 original for the very first time. It's notable how, unlike with the NES and SNES libraries, this game is arriving on the service by itself. Flying solo kinda makes sense though — I think it's fair to say the N64 library isn't quite so extensive as its predecessors, so for them to plod along at even slower pace isn't surprising. 

John Friscia // Nintendo Enthusiast

REVIEW Beyond A Steel Sky: A nostalgic return to adventure gaming's golden age —"magically brings its 1994 ancestor back to life".

Roland Ingram // Nintendo Life

REVIEW Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All —This brawler is "by no means perfect" and is described here as a touch shallow, but "at the same time, it is the best use of the beloved Asterix & Obelix property that we have seen in years".

Matt S // Digitally Downloaded

REVIEW Angry Video Game Nerd 1 & 2 Deluxe — "Both games feel like proper loving tributes to gaming’s past".

Indie Gamer Chick

It's time for game makers to start seeing the world in two colours —Takes a look at games, their colour palettes, and colour blindness.

Edward Hawkes // Eurogamer

I don’t want Mario Kart 9 yet, and neither should you

Nathan Ellingsworth // Pocket Tactics

Nintendo’s approach to DLC is frustrating
Chirag Pattni // Nintendo Enthusiast

Video games won’t get better unless we let them
Giovanni Colantonio // Digital Trends


🎮 Upcoming Releases

All releases are digital, Europe & U.S. unless otherwise stated. 
Release data sourced in collaboration with Switch Scores.
⭐️ = Ones to Watch | ðŸ“¦ = Physical release | 🎮 = Demo available

Monday, December 6

  • Ever Forward — 3D observational adventure puzzle game. (Dec 7 in U.S.)
  • Guardian of Lore — 2.5D 'Native-American folktales' fantasy RPG. (Already available in U.S.)
  • Love 3 — 2D precision platformer with retro styling and a speedrun mode. (Dec 7 in U.S.)

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