Switch Weekly

Issue #169

· February 23, 2020

#169: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending February 23.

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Switch Weekly

Issue 169 — February 23, 2020

Tom Nook

Hey, issue #169 of Switch Weekly here, with all the Nintendo stuff you need to see from the past seven days.

Well, what a response so far to the State of Switch survey! I launched the questionnaire in last week's issue and in just under seven days nearly 10,000 of you have filled it out. Thank you. 🙏 The survey will close as we approach March 3rd (the Switch's anniversary) and the results will be shared here first shortly after.

Of course the survey launch isn't the only big thing that happened last week.We finaly got an Animal Crossing Direct, sharing plenty of details about the island getaway that's landing on Switch towards the end of next month. I'll be picking it up — although I haven't played the last few entries the series holds a special place in my heart. I remember waiting ages for it launch here in Europe on the GameCube, and impatience got the better of me and I imported the U.S. version so I could play it sooner. I put a lot of time into that GameCube version, and feel it's about time to jump back into the chill vibes that series offers. Bring on March 20th. 

Anyway, there's over 30 games hitting the eShop next week, with Two Point Hospital and two Metro games being some of the highlights. The full list is below.

As ever, thanks for reading.

Chris âœŒī¸

P.S — A big hello to all new subscribers joining this week. I hope you enjoy this first issue. Note, you can always hit reply and let me know what you think. I read each and every mail.

â–ļ Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct—Nearly half an hour of new details about the upcoming Animal Crossing game. Highlight for me: You can terraform your island. Here's a decent text summary if you'd rather that.

Nintendo // YouTube 

The State of Switch Survey 2020 — If you missed this last week and haven't had chance to fill it in yet, here's the link again. 😊

Chris Brandrick // Switch Weekly 

REVIEW Two Point Hospital — High praise for this one: "With Two Point Hospital, we have a genuine contender for not only the console’s best sim game but also the best port, full-stop".

Chris Button // Vooks 

REVIEW Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition — "a wonderful upgrade to an excellent action-adventure video game".

Arthur Damian // Nintendo Enthusiast 

REVIEW Vitamin Connection — Although seemingly not perfect, this is said to be "one of the zestiest Switch exclusives of the year so far". I just love the little Joy-Con ship they fly around in.

Jon Mundy // Nintendo Life 

â–ļ Android on Nintendo Switch is amazing—Now of course this will kill any warranty you may have, but if you want to run Android on your Switch (and in turn use Netflix, xCloud, etc) then here's how. It's really come along.

Linus Tech Tips // YouTube 

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Nintendo is launching a coral pink Switch Lite

Jeff Grubb // Venture Beat 


🎮 Upcoming Releases

All releases are digital EU & US unless otherwise stated.
⭐ī¸ = Ones to watch / Pick of the week | đŸ“Ļ = Also a physical release

Monday, February 24

  • MathLand — Edutainment title for improving your maths skills.

Tuesday, February 25

Wednesday, February 26

Thursday, February 27

  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers — Described as a 'devilishy addictive' defense game.
  • Heaven Dust — A love letter to 90s survival horror.
  • Wanderlust — 'Like a peaceful afternoon with a cup of tea and a novel'.
  • Served — A top-down multiplayer racing game in which you have to deliver food.
  • Soul Axiom Rebooted — A first-person story driven adventure puzzle game.
  • Dual Brain Vol.3 Shapes — More brain training.
  • Boulder Dash — The 30th anniversary edition of this retro puzzler.
  • MouseCraft — An 'A to B' puzzle game leading mice.
  • BE-A Walker — Control a huge mech on an alien planet. (Feb 28 in U.S)
  • Voxelgram — A chill 3D puzzle game in which you sculpture models.

Friday, February 28


⚡ī¸ Quick Links:

👠  Bayonetta 3 development still ‘progressing smoothly,’ according to Hideki Kamiya.

đŸ›Ŧ  Hyped for Animal Crossing? Make your own boarding pass & fly with Dodo Airlines.

🍃  These crochet figures are cute. I particularly like the Korok.

✊  Top Smash player calls out Nintendo for "not putting resources into the scene".

🔎  20 details you might have missed in the Animal Crossing Direct.

🤝  Against all odds, the Animal Crossing and DOOM communities have united.

🌲  This walnut Switch dock is a stylish alternative to the default.

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