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Issue #199

· September 20, 2020

#199: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending September 20.

Man, I love Super Mario 64.

Switch Weekly

Issue 199 — September 20, 2020

Super Mario 64 from the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection

Hey, issue #199 of Switch Weekly here with this week's Nintendo news round-up. I hope you're doing well and enjoying your Sunday

This week saw the arrival of Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the Switch. I got my copy on Friday, and it's honestly a delight to have my all time favourite game ready to go on a portable machine. Now, I think there are plenty of valid cricitisms about how little Nintendo has done with this re-release — a few additional quality of life improvements would have gone a long way to make this collection an easier thing to reccomend. However, having said that, I'd still argue that this is worth picking up, particularly for those with fond memories of the games included, or, for those of you who have never played some/all of the titles on offer. These three games represent some of the all-time greatest 3D platformers to date, and Super Mario 64 is a true pioneer. Sure, the camera in 64 may feel dated now, but the tip here: don't try to fight it.

Anyway, beyond Mario this week saw yet another Direct Mini Partner presentation. I've linked it below, but the big takeaway is Capcom bringing more Monster Hunter to Nintendo's platform.

Just over 20 games hitting the store next week. Full list is below as usual.

Finally, remember, you can always hit reply to this email with any questions or thoughts, say hi on Twitter, or join the Switch Weekly community on Discord.

Enjoy the issue, and catch you next week for issue 200!
Chris ✌️

🎮 Currently Playing: Super Mario 64 in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars Collection

REVIEW Super Mario 3D All-Stars — "It’s a shame that the presentation is practically barebones with no bonus content beyond the soundtracks, but there can still be no denying the quality of the games on offer here". Yep, pretty much. Three great games in an accessible format is a win, just a pity considering we know what these sort of rereleases really could be.

Chris Scullion // Nintendo Life

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase | September 2020 — Really feels like Nintendo has settled into some sort of rhythm with these third-party showcases now. This one saw the reveals of 'Ori and the Will of the Wisps', 'Hades' and 'The Long Dark' — all of which are now available. A new Fitness Boxing game was announced for December, along with fresh details on Disgaea 6, Balan Wonderland and more. The big news however was two Monster Hunter games — in fact Nintendo gave these titles more of a focus in a dedicated Direct proceeding this Mini one. 

Nintendo // YouTube

REVIEW Hades — This roguelike from Supergiant Games was featured in the Direct mini linked above (and it's out now). Seemingly getting rave reviews all over, plus my Twitter feed seems to love it — this one is firmly on my buy list. "it's worth giving Hades a shot because it is the embodiment of a roguelike done right. It's easily one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch[...] Hades is a must-play and easily one of the best games of the year".

Chris DeAngelus  // Worth Playing

Nintendo Life Indie Spotlight — The folks at Nintendo Life had their own Direct of sorts, full of indie game announcements. Plenty of stuff here (over 30 games), so worth a watch if you want a few new titles for your wishlist.

Nintendo Life // YouTube

Nintendo Switch Online adds four free NES and SNES games in September— 'Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest', 'Mario’s Super Picross', 'The Peace Keepers', and the unfortunately named 'S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team' arrive on Wednesday (23rd) for Switch Online members. Looking forward to jumping into DKC2.

Jacob Siegal // BGR

REVIEW Spellbreak — This fantasy/magic Battle Royale game is out now, and it won't cost you a thing to download and try. It may be worth a try if you're after a Fortnite alternative.

Paul Roberts // Vooks

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The surprising reason Nintendo made Super Mario a plumber 35 years ago — Miyamoto said, "We wanted him to be someone who might live near you, and not a superhero."

Shannon Liao // CNN

Nintendo Survey: The State of Switch 2020 Results — In case you missed this last week, the 2020 survey results (from yours truly) are now available in video form. If you can chuck a like on this video it will be much appreciated and helps spread the word. 😊

Switch Weekly // YouTube

REVIEW Fight Crab — A pretty self-aware concept, that's fun and a bit stupid in places, but overall it's "not got enough meat on the bones".

George Foster // Nintendo Insider

REVIEW Super Punch Patrol — A brawler with a sketchbook look that's a "painstakingly accurate love letter to classic beat-'em ups".

John Rairdin // Nintendo World Report

Not so super, Mario — For someone with a degenerative neuromuscular condition Super Mario Galaxy remains an inaccessible experience in the new All-Stars collection.

Bobby Kent

How Super Mario changed my life — "It wasn’t a video game in my five year old mind; it was a little diorama, a window into a seemingly endless little world".

James Burns // Super Jump


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