Switch Weekly

Issue #174

· March 29, 2020

#174: Your Nintendo Update

Your Nintendo digest for the week ending March 29.

I'll take it.

Switch Weekly

Issue 174 — March 29, 2020

Nintendo Direct mini

Hey, issue #174 of Switch Weekly here, with the Nintendo stuff you need to see.

We finally got a Nintendo Direct! Yup, Nintendo called it 'mini', but considering it was nearly half an hour long it had plenty to share. More thoughts from me on all of that in the issue below

Random thought I had this week — with the Olympics now being postponed until next year, do you think the Mario & Sonic title for the Tokyo games may get reissued, complete with a 2021 label? If so, I wonder if the 2020 version will become a collectors item in years to come... 🤔 

Anyway, 18 games are hitting the eShop next week from what I can gather — the full list is below as usual. Again, plenty of think pieces about Animal Crossing to share with you! 

As mentioned last week, I hope you, your family, and friends are all staying safe.

Keep well,
Chris ✌️

Nintendo Direct Mini — A near half hour of announcements - with plenty to get into. Now, this didn't have any huge reveals, but it did a sound job of giving us some idea as to what's on slate for 2020. I imagine at this point Nintendo is now holding big reveals for their E3 presentation (Yes, E3 is cancelled, but you know Nintendo will still have a digital summer showing of sorts). The Bioshock collection coming to Switch got my attention (I love the first game so much), as did the update for Ring Fit Adventure. Good Job and the 51 Worldwide Classics collection look interesting. Oh, and I’m super happy to see that an ARMS character is coming to Smash - in fact, I'm a little surprised to not see it happen sooner. As a new IP, ARMS didn’t quite get the attention it deserved (no thanks in part to Splatoon 2 arriving a month after it launched). A few people seem bummed at this choice for the next Smash character, but if it gets more folks taking a look at ARMS then that sounds good to me. This Direct is worth a watch if you missed it. Let me know what you liked.

Nintendo // YouTube 

REVIEW Good Job — This puzzle game was revealed in the mini Direct and launched straight away. It looks like a blast. "delightful and wacky".

Mel Curtis // Nintendad 

REVIEW Saints Row IV: Re-Elected — "While I wouldn't call Saints Row IV: Re-elected 'essential', it's absolutely worth a look if you like your fun loud and just a little bit irreverent".

Mick Fraser // God is a Geek 

REVIEW Panzer Dragoon: Remake — "a decent take on an all-time classic that goes some way to modernising it, but doesn't quite nail the landing".

Chris Scullion // Nintendo Life 

PODCAST Vookcast – Has Animal Crossing: New Horizons been your pandemic saving grace, too?

Angelo Valdivia, Luke Henderson, Oliver Brandt // Vooks 

REVIEW Hyperspace Delivery Service —Described as "Oregon Trail in space".

John Rairdin // Nintendo World Report 

REVIEW Mekorama —This Captain Toad style puzzler is  "a simple yet enjoyable 3D-puzzle platformer" with a Monument Valley visual vibe..

Jordan Rudek // Nintendo World Report 

The State of Switch Survey 2020 — Last time I'll link to this now. Just wanting to make sure you've all seen it! 😅

Chris Brandrick // Switch Weekly 

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🎮 Upcoming Releases

All releases are digital EU & US unless otherwise stated.
⭐️ = Ones to watch / Pick of the week | 📦 = Also a physical release

Tuesday, March 31

Wednesday, April 1

  • Totally Reliable Delivery Service — This looks fun. Deliver the goods in a sandbox environment, has multiplayer with online support. 
  • Wurroom — An interactive art experience.
  • Rascal Fight — A casual local multiplayer battle arena brawler. (April 2 in U.S)

Thursday, April 2

  • MazM: Jekyll and Hyde — A dark adventure game based on the classic novel.
  • Pocket Harvest — Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon fans will like this Kairosoft sim.
  • Lost Artifacts — A strategy game in which you must restore an ancient city.
  • Curious Expedition — A roguelike set in the late 19th Century.
  • Snakeybus — This looks like daft arcade fun. Public transport gone crazy. 
  • Junk Jack — A relaxing 2D sandbox to explore.

Friday, April 3

  • In Other Waters — Award-winning adventure. You play an AI guiding someone to safety.
  • HyperParasite — A rogue-lite twin-stick shooter that "never plays the same twice".
  • Drift Zone Arcade — 3D racer.
  • Random Heroes: Gold Edition — 2D shooter/platformer. (Couldn't find a good link for this one)

⚡️ Quick Links:

🙇‍♂️  Nintendo of America have donated thousands of N95 respirator masks

🤜  ARMS is free to try right now for Online members, and a tournament is coming up.

😬  Accidental cross-play in Star Wars Jedi Academy? It looks that way.

🚘  Burnout Paradise is heading to Switch.

👁  The Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to Switch - but it's no simple port.

💾  Hackers seem to have figured out a way to transfer your Animal Crossing save file.

🧟  Probably nothing, but a Resi Evil 3 datamine mentions the Switch.

✨  How would you like it if the rumoured Switch Pro was named the 'Super Switch'?

🏳️‍🌈  Animal Crossing Switch may feature ‘Nintendo’s first openly gay characters’.

🔀  What might an Animal Crossing x Zelda spin-off game look like?

🎮  Sure, the 8BitDo Lite controller is cute, but this IGN review says to skip it.

💰  Animal Crossing players are maximizing profits by playing the ‘Stalk Market’.

🧑‍🦽  It's pretty great to see that there's a wheelchair in the new Animal Crossing.

✈️  Sampling the Dodo Airlines jingle from New Horizons to make an absolute bop.

▶️  This YouTuber does K.K Slider covers. Here's a personal fave: Mr. Blue Sky.

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