Switch Weekly

Issue #301

· September 25, 2022

#301 Your Nintendo Update — Switch Pro rumours, the Mario trailer looms, and a look inside the Nintendo hotel

REVIEW Return to Monkey Island — "a phenomenal point-and-click adventure, bubbling with passion and fun".

Roland Ingram // Nintendo Life

REVIEW Does Shovel Knight Dig stand on its own in the franchise? — "this entry in the Shovel Knight universe is a near-perfect translation of Treasure Trove's original vision to the roguelite genre, and a brilliant addition to the many great indie games on the Switch". Patrick Klepek writing for Vice also digs it, noting that this platformer tunred roguelike "makes a strong case for its huge and successful pivot".

Nadine Dornieden // iMore

Inside Marufukuro — This is a beautiful account of staying at the former Nintendo HQ, now hotel Marufukuro, and how the place pays homage to Nintendo's history in an exceptional, tasteful way. I can't wait to make my booking.

Martin Lindell // Superjump

Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to use Nvidia Technology — That old 4K Switch Pro rumour is back this time via an 'Nvidia employee' sharing supposed details of a new system on a chip (SoC).

Sean Murray // The Gamer

REVIEW The DioField Chronicle — "surprised me with just how much depth its combat system offered".

Zhiqing Wan // Twinfinite

REVIEW Beacon Pines: A story about change

Seth Sturgill // All N (YouTube)

REVIEW Spiderheck

Ted Hazell // Pure Nintendo

REVIEW Wayward Strand is a new classic of video game storytelling

Steven Nguyen Scaife // Uppercut

Why gamers (and that's all of us) are swapping guns for house plants

Kylie Northover // The Sydney Morning Herald

Tunic's manual was physically made for in-game authenticity — This one is out on Switch next week.

Victoria Kennedy // Eurogamer

Splatlands Travel Guide — Remember that extensive Animal Crossing companion app for iOS? Well, the same developer is back with a Splatoon-themed take. The app (iOS only) lets your browse Splatoon 3 gear, weapons, and collectibles, and you can even set up neat widgets for your homescreen to see which maps are live/upcoming.

Jeffrey Kuiken // App Store

Is the timing right on Logitech's plucky foray into handheld gaming? — Ok, this isn't Switch related, but I had thoughts on the new handheld Logitech announced earlier this week. I kinda feel it's gonna be DoA at that price point.

Chris Brandrick // Overkill

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All releases are digital, Europe & U.S. unless otherwise stated.
Release data sourced in collaboration with Switch Scores.

⭐️ = Ones to Watch · 📦 = Physical release · 🎮 = Demo available

  • 📦 Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo — Thriller adventure game with original story based on the classic movie. M for mature. Physical release.
  • ⭐️📦 Hokko Life — Life sim that will appeal to Animal Crossing fans. Physical release.
  • 📦 Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures — 3D farming adventure.
  • ⭐️ Moonscars — Explore a nonlinear 2D "realm marred by desperation and despair". A souls-like Metroidvania. Worth watching the trailer to see how slick the animation is.
  • Penko Park — Explore and take pics in this abandoned (and spooky) wildlife park.
  • Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary — The first-person puzzler rebuilt with new content too.
  • ⭐️ Tunic — This well-received isometric action game comes over to the Switch — looks cute, but packs quite the challenge.
  • Dinogotchi — A tamagotchi pet with tiny arms.
  • Hazelnut Hex — Pastel arcade shooter featuring a witch trying to save breakfast.
  • Mission 1985 — Retro arcade run 'n gun military shooter, with two player.

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